Pontoon Accessory Mount for Grill / Anchor Winch





Out on the open water, it’s fun for all and all for fun. Maximize fun and deck space by mounting pontoon accessories over the water, not on your deck.  Mount grills and anchor winches safely away from valuable deck space. This accessory mount is a great way to keep muck and weeds stuck to your anchor off the deck of your pontoon. We sized this accessory mount to be a perfect fit with many popular manual and electric anchor winches, like Minn Kota Deckhand. With your anchor winch mounted over the water, and not on your deck, your anchor can rest on the smooth surface of the accessory mount, making debris easy to remove and keeping it off the carpeted pontoon deck. Maximize safety and minimize clutter.  Powder-coated aluminum construction, easy installation, 2-year replacement warranty.

  • This mounting platform is perfect for mounting electric anchor winches like Minn Kota Deckhand or messy BBQ grills
  • Free up valuable deck space
  • Powdercoated aluminum construction
  • Great for keeping pontoon deck free of muck and weeds from anchors
  • 2-year replacement warranty


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